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How can I send waste back using a recycling envelope? Follow



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    Permanently deleted user


    Thanks for your comment 

    The envelopes are currently only available for our Arbonne programme 

    For more information on how to send waste back for other programmes, please click here

    Best wishes, 

    The TerraCycle Team

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    J Tattersall

    I'm trying to order envelopes for various articles but cannot find my way round your website. Please advise!

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    Marion Martin

    Hi,  my husband and I take a lot of tablets between us and i would like to recycle the empty foil packs.  However, my nearest Superdrug that collects them is a fair distance away and not in a direction I go very often !  Is there some way I can get these to you?  I don't mind paying postage - can you please suggest a solution to this?  Thank you.

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